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Creating a classroom for concerts

The modern concert industry

was built out of necessity in the1960s to meet the demand of speaking to the masses. Then Rock n Roll legends and global stars helped build the modern day concert spectacle.


It's a multi billion dollar industry employing millions around the world. There's opportunity in every city around the world to get started but it can be a difficult to get started let alone make a career out of it. 

Theres Full Sail and many college programs that add some form of educational exposure to the industry but not necessarily the skills to succeed or the understanding of how the entertainment industry really operates in todays world. 

 I love to pay it forward because when I was coming up I would have loved it if someone did it for me


My goal is to be one of the best and help fill a void in the education of my craft by teaching real world problem solving skills.

                             ~ Henry Bordeaux 



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Advice from the pros

Tour Manager


"You have to love it if you're going to make it in the industry...oh and you have to know excel"

Production Manager 


"Be open to learning and don't be afraid to ask questions"

Production Assistant


"I started as a runner. Get to know other people trying to come up in the industry.


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Job posts for Touring Pros and Young guns

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Tour Link Pro 

Articles & Industry conference with seminars and workshops 

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This tour life

Great articles about tour life

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Its your best friend on tour. Learn to use it well.